How to help

Our team would be grateful for donations in various forms.
We feel blessed to co-create this project over many years, and explore and offer the ’embodied education’ grassroots-style.

Donations can be for instance:
– spaces and events to offer the SEAing Breath experience
– help to promote the project and its content (ocean health, breathing techniques, embodied education and more)
– financial donations
– software development (we are happy to expand our team)
– hardware for mobile VR sets: Google Pixel phone & DayDream VR (used, too)
– connecting us with schools, universities, organizations anywhere
– volunteering to set up VR experiences at museums, outreach and more
– kind emails (we love feedback and communication) and connections to peers

Donations will help to inform about sea level rise to many more people.

The project needs more devices. We will also constantly update the VR experience e.g. with added interviews with scientists and peers to offer the latest research in an accessible and fun format.

(any non-financial donation will be matched in value for amounts below:)
Donations up to $100 will receive a personal creative Thank you note by one of our team members.
$250-500 donations will receive a unique photo from the “up…up…up…up…” series by team member hannes bend (see an example here).
Donations $500-1,999 will receive a unique drawing by a team member.
Donations $2,000-4,999 will receive a full set of VR experience (hardware and software).
Donations $5,000-10,999 will receive a unique VR experience with their name, logo or (if feasible) image in the VR environment. Also a constant sponsorship opportunity (for instance adding your support in the beach shack).
Donations $11,000+ can discuss how ‘personalized’ the program can become, for instance with added sea creatures, logo, voiceover etc etc. Let’s cocreate!

Thank you!

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