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Maria Mishurenko
Maria Mishurenko is a game developer and experience designer from Brooklyn, NY. In her work she explores new approaches to education in the fields of philosophy and psychology using augmented, virtual and mixed reality. Maria holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and has a background in media production and documentary filmmaking and currently is a graduate student and researcher at NYU Tisch School of Arts, Game Design MFA program. She is also recipient of Next Generation Leaders program, sponsored by International Game Developers Association. www.mishurenko.me

Gordey Chernyy
Gordey Chernyy is an independent visual artist, game developer, live performer and creative technologist, originally from Kazakhstan. Currently he resides in Brooklyn, NY. In his artistic practice he explores intersections of software and art, human-computer interaction and biofeedback. His interests include Eastern philosophy, psychology and generative art. As a creative technologist he creates highly efficient customized tools for animators, visual artists and live performers. Gordey’s client list includes Lauryn Hill, Keurig, Kia, CU Boulder, IBM, Grey advertising, etc. He has a background in visual arts, motion graphics and filmmaking. www.gordich.com

Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson is a composer, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn NY. An alumnus of music programs at Interlochen Arts Academy and New York University, Kyle found his first musical niches in the worlds of orchestral pop and indie-rock as the songwriting front person of the critically acclaimed band Milagres. Client list includes Netflix, The Guardian, The Atlantic. https://kylescottwilson.com/

hannes bend has been merging science, technology with creative and contemplative practices and activism.
hannes bend recently developed one of the first virtual reality (VR) programs with heart rate biofeedback, with researchers while artist-in-residence at the Institute of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics Alemán Lab, at the University of Oregon from 2014-2016. For this project hannes’ team won “Best Presentation Award” at the AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) Spring Symposia 2016 in the panel “Wellbeing Computing: AI meets Health and Happiness Science” at Stanford University for the paper “Mindful Technologies”
hannes conducted research on meditation and visual stimuli using EEG and fMRI. His practice centers around merging the insights from creative and contemplative practices, technology and science. hannes has presented, published, researched and exhibited projects internationally at museum, conferences and institutions. hannes has been guiding breathing sessions globally, and been working with breathing pioneer Wim Hof for years. www.hannesbend.com