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Gordey Chernyy is an independent new media artist, game developer, live performer and creative technologist. Currently he resides in Brooklyn, NY. In his artistic practice he explores intersections of software, art, moving images and the way stories can be shared through the modern tech instruments. His interests include Eastern philosophy, psychology and generative art. As a creative technologist he creates highly efficient customized tools for animators, visual artists and live performers. Gordey’s client list includes Lauryn Hill, Keurig, Kia, CU Boulder, Indeed, etc. He has a rich background in motion graphics, branding and filmmaking. www.gordich.com
Maria Mishurenko is a game developer and experience designer from Brooklyn, NY. In her work she explores new approaches to education in the fields of philosophy and psychology using augmented, virtual and mixed reality. In her artistic practice she researches issues of identity, collective consciousness and personal responsibility. Maria holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and has a background in media production and documentary filmmaking. www.mishurenko.me

hannes bend | NY/Miami | Consciousness, creative/contemplative practices and love activism for all beings and the planet: www.hannesbend.com and www.webreathions.com

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